søndag 11. desember 2016

Personal Finance Application

Make Personal Finance fun again by automated segmentations, benchmarking gamification and automated machine learning budgeting tool.

ELA AS is newly founded startup with a clear mission to make use of data to benefit humanity. #DataForGood is our core value and a hashtag of our activities in social media. We have started with four projects, but we hope to continue with some more:  
1. Personal Finance Digital Assistant which is an add-on solution to your digital bank account that gives you better picture of personal finances based on bench-marking against predefined data set of your segmentation (ex: income range, family members, region you live etc.) and fully automatized data input for all segments: cost, income and balance. This will include a machine learning (ML) algorithm that will suggest you the best way to save and invest money, how to overcome a financial difficulty and how to perform in budgeting your economy the best way.  
We will soon be in Kickstarter and I hope that you will support our project!

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