tirsdag 31. mai 2016

#DataForGood: IBM Watson Health

Welcome to the Era of Cognitive Health

IBM Watson Health is pioneering a new partnership between humanity and technology with the goal of transforming global health. Cognitive systems that understand, reason and learn are helping people expand their knowledge base, improve their productivity and deepen their expertise. With cognitive computing, we are now able to see health data that was previously hidden, and do more than we ever thought possible.

Solutions that Empower Us All
From retailers to nutritionists, primary care physicians to researchers, administrators to employees and government specialists, if you’re responsible for caring for people’s health and well-being, IBM Watson Health can help.
To make tomorrow healthier, IBM Watson Health harnesses and makes sense of the data around you. Partners like Apple, CVS and Under Armour are using cognitive technology to introduce new innovative offerings.
IBM Watson Health improves the spectrum of care approaches from proactive and preventive interventions, to ongoing treatment of chronic conditions, to high-touch and multidisciplinary team care. It equips experts with new insights to individual and population health to help add confidence to their decision-making and diagnoses. Cognitive care provides new ways for providers to connect with their patients, with the goal to improve diagnostic certainty and reduce errors.

The measure of a patient’s overall health goes beyond medical and genomic conditions. In fact, almost 75% of a patient’s status is affected by a host of lifestyle factors like access to shelter, education, income and more. To achieve better and more sustainable outcomes, Watson Health allows health and human services employees to see data related to these external factors which can help them transform current systems of care to focus on the holistic health of their patients.

IBM Watson Health solutions can help accelerate insights that can help elevate the quality of care across the globe. Cognitive systems can understand, reason and learn, helping to spur discovery and decrease the effort required to effectively populate research studies.

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